Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does the price differ for each edition?

A very limited number of copies will be available. As the edition of the poster gets closer to being sold out, the posters increase in price. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter here to be notified about upcoming releases.

2. How do I reserve an artwork’s price?

Once you add a poster to your cart, we reserve it at that particular price point for 10 minutes. Once that period expires, we make no guarantees about the availability or price of a work.

3. I missed one of your poster releases can I still see it?

Each archived poster will be available on the respective designer’s page. You can purchase them until the entire release is sold out.

4. Who owns the copyrights of a purchased artwork?

Copyright of the image for all limited edition prints and art prints remains the property of the designer. By purchasing prints from Plotnet Prints you acquire ownership of the physical print but not any intellectual property rights to reuse the images.

5. Can I find the prints your sell anywhere else?

The posters are a selection of work that has been created by the designers in the past but was not revealed to the public, or work that was not commissioned by clients, for example, personal or unpublished projects.

6. What does Giclee print mean?

Giclee is the name given to an extremely high-quality ink-jet printing process that produces beautiful art prints that last much longer than those produced using traditional printing techniques. Giclee printing has become the standard for quality used by art galleries and museums as the preferred method for reproducing artwork.

7. Are there any discounts on your products?

We do not believe that artwork can really be discounted. Instead, we offer a sliding price scale. The first poster of each edition is offered at the lowest price, and then the price increases with each poster that is sold. We suggest subscribing to our newsletter here to get early access to upcoming releases.

8. How should I take care of my art?

Each artwork is meticulously reproduced in digital form using the best available technology by our in-house experts and printed exclusively on Hahnemühle paper using gallery-grade ink and equipment. This combination of paper, ink, and printing technology has been tested to last over 100 years*, when displayed under a UV filter according to archival standards, before showing any sign of aging. We suggest that you display your art out of direct sunlight, in a moderate temperature, and away from water or damp environments.

If you plan to have your artwork framed, it's recommended that you do not unpack the art yourself. The highest possibility of damage occurs when one, who may not be familiar with art handling practices, attempts to remove the artwork from its container. You should take it to your framer in the packaging in which it is received if at all possible.

If you decide to frame a poster yourself:
1. f possible put on gloves before unrolling and handling your poster.
2. After opening the tube we recommend to gently shake the poster out of the packaging instead of pulling on the wrapping paper.
3. Unroll the poster face down and let it sit flat for 24hours before framing.

*Wilhelm Imaging Research

9. What does it mean that the posters are sold out?

‘Sold Out' means the art print is no longer available for purchase. We may open a resale market in the future.

10. Where do you get all of the artwork you offer?

We work directly with the designers, artists and/or their agents and estates. We are proud to say that all works come directly from the artists or photographers themselves.

11. Does my artwork come with a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, each artwork is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity that carries a unique number matching the one on your poster. Certificates are not delivered with the artwork for security purposes. They are mailed within 5 days after your poster is shipped/delivered.

12. I am having trouble making the payment, will my price still be reserved?

Please contact us at (415) 762-0200 or write to us at

13. How do you handle gift request?

Please make sure you follow these instructions If you wish to send your order as a gift:
- input your email address as contact information, otherwise an automatic receipt will go the person receiving the gift;
- deselect checkmark "same as billing address" during the checkout and enter the address of the recipient. Certificate of authenticity will be shipped separately to that address as well.

If you decide to leave a note, we will attach a card with the note on the back of the poster.

14. Will my purchase increase in value over time?

Art has, over many years, been known to hold its value or increase in value depending upon various factors. There are many examples of people who have bought a work of art and several years later find out that it is worth several times what they paid for it. We do not provide any guarantees regarding your artwork’s resale value.

15. What type of paper do you use for your fine art prints?

Each poster is unique and is printed on the paper that complements the design the best. The description of the paper is mentioned with the design of the artwork on the web site.

16. What is the printing method that you use?

We use the giclée printing technique.

17. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as Apple Pay.

18. How long will it take for my item to arrive?

We offer complimentary ground shipping for your order. During the checkout process, you will be able to choose from several shipping options to accommodate how soon you want your order to arrive. Delivery estimates are shown for each of the shipping options and will depend on your zip code.

19. Where does artwork ship from?

Every piece is printed with precision on the finest machines, packaged carefully, and shipped from San Francisco.

20. Do you ship internationally?

Please refer to the shipping options during the checkout process to see if we ship to your country.

21. I live in San Francisco, can I pick up my poster?

Shipping is free on all the products. Although you can definitely collect your poster personally if you prefer. Please contact us immediately after placing your order and we will make it happen for you.

22. Can you frame my art before shipping it?

We currently do not provide framing. Our limited edition posters are unique works of art that deserve a prominent place in your interior. We recommend to contact your local framer to have your poster framed in a way that best fits your environment.

23. My order is a gift and I need it right away, can you help?

We have an expedited courier delivery among the shipping options. Please see the delivery times at checkout for each shipping method.

24. What type of packaging do you use?

Our custom made paper tubes are crafted from heavy-duty cardboard. Their thick, indestructible walls make them resistant to crushing, thus protecting your poster from damage.

25. Are my personal details secure?

Yes, we are committed to protecting your privacy and will only use the information that is collected about you solely for use by and within Plotnet Prints, and it will not be exchanged with third parties. Information supplied voluntarily by you to us will be used for the purposes of processing and delivering your order.

26. I have not received an order confirmation.

If you placed an order with us and have not received your order confirmation, it may be because you entered the wrong email address when you placed the order.
Please contact us for assistance at

27. Can I cancel an order before it ships and get a refund?

It usually takes us a day or 2 to print a poster. We will not be able to issue a refund if the poster is already produced. We also cannot reserve the price if you want to reorder the poster.

28. What do I do if the item arrives damaged?

Please notify us right away if there is a problem with the item you purchased due to shipping, We will provide a prepaid label you can use to ship the artwork back. Once received we will send you a replacement artwork immediately and destroy the damaged copy, so you can be sure there is only one poster like yours.

29. Can I return a poster if I am not satisfied?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns for the artwork that was already produced.

30. I am a designer and I want to participate. What do I do?

Our platform is structured by collections that are launched with no fixed schedule. We consider applications for both individual collections as well as part of a themed collection with other artists.

If you are interested in submitting artwork, please follow the guidelines below. Artist submissions come frequently and we may not able to respond promptly.

Please contact us at

Website Link
5-10 images of your artwork

*Emails must be less than 1 MB.
*Information needs to be sent in one email. Multiple emails will not be reviewed.