• Anette Lenz
  • France
  • CommUnity
  • I had the idea of ​​the connection and communication of design partners today especially via internet which connects people (like you guys at Mucho) from different countries and cultures.

    A community that recognizes itself by its same interests and visions, here represented by a color and a cap to letters.

    I created a little app for that - I'm attaching a screen recording - (only to better understand if you get to talk about it).
    - then I selected images that seemed to me the most interesting in composition or the most inrigant association letters.

    It's an endless game .. Linked to chance. Each of the 10 copies is a multiple and at the same time an original. Like the members of a community.

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  • Only 15 numbered prints are available. Use the dial to choose the edition of your print.
  • Printed 24" x 36" on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm (100% Cotton Rag paper)